Rhianna Basore

Rhianna Basore

Rhianna Basore is an award-winning director/producer, international actor, and professional writer.

Rhianna has appeared Off-Broadway, around the United States, and abroad.  She made her feature filmmaking debut in Reykjavik, Iceland with last year’s Crapshoot!, adapted from her award-winning production of the play.  

Her writing/directing/producing collaboration with co-creator Estrella Tamez under their production company StarFlower Entertainment has created over 14 episodes of their webseries In The Zoom Room as well as four additional projects currently in development.  

Her creative expertise has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The L.A. Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Find Your Light podcast and more.

The founder of Self Trust Fund, a financial empowerment coaching company specializing in helping creatives earn their true worth, Rhianna helps artists, actors, nonprofit organizers and healers set themselves up for success. Before starting her own company, Rhianna spent over a decade managing business development and outreach for a multimillion-dollar nonprofit organization.

She is an Expert Columnist for Backstage magazine.

Telling stories connects the audience of today to the citizens of tomorrow.

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Season two of the StarFlower Entertainment web series’ IN THE ZOOM ROOM is currently in pre-production. You can check out season 1 on IGTV or on LinkedIn.

Rhianna Basore

Actor * Writer * Filmmaker